The Oxygen + Iron Training Studio

The Oxygen + Iron Training Studio inside Superior Athletic Club at 727 Cardley Avenue will provide participants with a comprehensive high intensity, safe, functional workout in a fun and energizing space.

You will be able to perform jumps, squats, Olympic lifts, plyometric and agility training on a rubber flooring surface using a variety of equipment including TRX, Woodway self powered treadmills, Lemond indoor cycle, Concept Two rower, kettlebells, stability balls, punching bags and more. You will have everything you need to challenge and mix up your fitness routine.

How can I use the Oxygen + Iron Studio?

As member of Superior Athletic Club, you will have access to the room if you wish to workout on your own at no additional charge when there are no classes in the room.

The hydraulic power squat and heavy deadlift platform will be available for powerlifters. We will offer a posted Workout of the Week with proper written instructions.

Small Group Training Classes led by our staff will also be available for a nominal fee.  The classes will be held in 8 week sessions

The workouts will be constantly varied and unique, ensuring that you always make progress.

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